April 2016 ~ Message from Pastor Woodard

Stewardship Message: Part 1

    Would you like to know how to grow stronger in your faith – right now – today? Give away some of your money - no strings attached. Seriously, growing in generosity and stretching ourselves through the discipline of giving are sure-fire ways of strengthening our faith. The character trait of generosity and the holy habit of giving are central to our lives as Christians. We can’t get away from giving. And if we do, our trust in God is packing its bags too.

    When the Bible speaks of giving, it often mentions tithes and offerings. Tithing is the practice of giving 10% of our income to honor God (tithe means tenth). Tithing, or offering all we can, constantly reminds us that:

* everything we own comes from God, in some way, shape or form

* what we have is on loan to us as stewards

* our tithing (offering) honors God because we give of the first and best of what we earn

* even the ability to earn is a blessing

* we support the saving work of Jesus Christ in our church, our community, and the world

* we assist those among us who are less fortunate

* we are learning to keep God first in our lives.


    It is my hope and prayer that participating in the recent suggested Lenten / Easter giving has helped us all realize how blessed we are. You might not jump right in to tithing, but may you be inspired to take a small step up in your financial giving. “Freely you have received”, Jesus said, “freely give”. (Matthew 10:8) Abundant blessings to you all. Thank you for supporting your church with your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. Happy giving! Happy Spring!


        In Christ,

        Pastor Tim

Dave Ramsey
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