July 2017 Newsletter Article from Pastor Carol Stufflebeam

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

     I love fresh produce; there is nothing better than a vine ripened tomato straight from the garden. There is a garden patch at the parsonage and so I decided I would plant a few tomatoes and a variety of other vegetables. My little garden turned out not to be so little. I had forgotten how much work there is to maintaining a garden plot, but I am finding that it is not only relaxing, but that my time in the garden has given me another opportunity for reflection and prayer. I am excited to report that at this time I have one green pepper and one tomato on the way. 

     One of the other things I have enjoyed at the parsonage is the multiple families of rabbits. Just yesterday I saw the tiniest baby rabbit, he was adorable. I have thought I will feed them this winter; however I do not want them in the garden, treating it as their personal salad bar. Earlier this week I put a fence around the garden. I thought I had fixed it so the rabbits couldn’t get in. This morning as I looked out the kitchen window I saw a rabbit out by the garden. At first I thought he was outside the fence, but no…he was trapped inside the netting. He had found a way in but could not figure out how to get out. Even from a distance I could tell he was in a panic as he ran back and forth trying to find an opening. It took a little bit, but he finally found a way out. I am sure he must have experienced a sense of relief when he found his freedom.

As I reflect on life, I believe there are moments when we each have found ourselves running to and fro and seeking new direction. 

Jesus shared these words with His followers and the religious leaders; He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12b)

We each must remember that it is only through Christ that we can experience true freedom and peace. We must be intentional in seeking the will of God for our lives as we journey through this world. I believe personal study and reflection are important as well as taking part in group studies.

This fall we will offer a couple of opportunities to participate in a church wide study. We will begin with a four week study written by Bob Farr and Kay Kotan titled Get Their Name, Grow Your Church by Building Relationships. We will

follow that study with a six week Bible study written by Jessica LaGrone titled The Rewritten Life; When God Changes Your Story. I am still searching for an Advent study that will guide a time of reflection surrounding the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. My prayer is that you will be able to set aside the time to join us in one or all of these studies. We are truly blessed when we share together in the journey.


   Pastor Carol 

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