March 2017 Newsletter Article from Pastor Carol Stufflebeam

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Earlier this week as I was driving on 18th Street I was thinking about the fact that in the busyness of life we at times do not encounter God, not because God isn’t there but because we  are too preoccupied. I came to a stop light as I was mulling that over; while I waited for the light to turn green I became aware of this persistent and loud chirping. I glanced to my right and saw a flock of birds resting on top of a bush. As I watched them, they watched me. It seemed they were seeking to gain my attention. It was as if they wanted me to break out of my own thoughts and to revel in God’s hand that is all around us. 

     We remember the familiar story of Mary and Martha that is found in Luke 10:38-42. Martha was busy trying to be the best hostess while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and took in everything He had to say. Martha was missing out on what was truly important while Mary was being fed spiritually by Christ. God desires that we too recognize the importance of spending time with Him, reading the Bible, praying, worshipping, and being in fellowship with other believers.

     What a blessing it is to slow down and to have eyes to see and a heart to know that God is near. That is my prayer for each of you. Shalom. 


        Pastor Carol

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