November 2017 Newsletter Article from Pastor Carol Stufflebeam

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

     You may have heard me say, I am so grateful we live on this side of the cross, meaning that we live in a time when we can have an absolute assurance of God’s love and grace as revealed through Jesus Christ. We also live with the knowledge that the Holy Spirit of God lives within us. Having this knowledge gives us power and this power enables us to live this life differently, we have hope. It is a gift, a gift so amazing that we must share it with everyone. Jesus tells us in the Gospel of Matthew 28:19 to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” (NRSV). God calls His church to witness to those who do not know of His love. We need to be intentional about sharing the Good News of Christ’s saving grace.

     We must recognize that God never intended for one or two people to do everything in the life of the church, it takes all of us working together to carry out the vision. God in His infinite wisdom has given each of us spiritual gifts to accomplish His mission. Working together we can do amazing things for the cause of Christ.

     God also provides leaders to help guide the church in their missional ministry. We have recently developed a Leadership Team (Greg & Joan Miller, James Abbott, Riley Myers, Peggy Anderson, Kyle & Cari Frink, and me). This team has started to work on a vision statement that will guide us in everything we do in the church. You will be hearing soon what this statement says and some of the plans we have already begun to talk about. I believe God has some exciting things in store for the people of Union United Methodist Church and beyond.

     I would like to invite each of you to please be in prayer for the church as we each seek to be faithful to the call God has placed on each of our lives. My prayer is that we will be faithful to God in everything we do. God bless you each.


  Pastor Carol

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