Marty Pressey


Marty Pressey

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I felt God calling me into ministry more than 10 years ago. At the time, I thought there was no way it could or would happen. I was working as a very successful Enterprise Architect with a very large IT company. I was also recently divorced and could not imagine being a pastor who had been divorced (and now remarried). God had other plans.

Thankfully, God put some very good people in my path who convinced me to pursue the path to ministry as a full-time pastor. They encouraged me to listen to God’s calling and follow His plan for my life. Additionally, God put some road blocks and open doors in my path to steer me to where He wanted me to be.

I give thanks for the wonderful work God has done in my life. I am very thankful to be the pastor for Union UMC. I fully believe God has great plans for this church and I feel blessed to be part of that plan. My prayer for each person is they follow God’s plan for their lives and continue to bring others into the kingdom.

Pastor Marty Pressey